Shooting new collection Sweet Paris

February 2016. We start a new campaign for Sweet Paris... and it couldn’t be anywhere else than in our beloved city! This time, we have worked with the photographer and blogger of the moment Lyloutte for our photo shoot. Charming, friendly and above all, very "Frenchy“, Lyloutte has captivated us with her beautiful smile (that she hasn’t lost at any time despite the cold during the shooting). Discover a small preview of this beautiful and romantic campaign, we hope to make you dream with the most romantic city in the world... [video width="1024" mp4=" Paris Shooting Making of 1024x576.mp4" webm=" Paris Shooting Making of 1024x576.webm" ogv=" Paris Shooting Making of 1024x576.ogv" poster="" loop="true"][/video] [gap height="30px"]

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